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If the interaction was significant, we also performed separate models for each sex to assess the treatment effects in each sex. A novel lipase was isolated from a metagenomic library of Baltic Sea sediment bacteria. Levitan DR Sperm velocity and longevity trade off each other and influence fertilization in the sea urchin Lytechinus variegatus. Genomic rearrangements have often been implicated, but they may also be a consequence of recombination suppression rather than a cause. In the mangrove area, the color of the pore water was found to be positively correlated with the major meiofaunal taxa, especially the nematodes.

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The novel IncP-9 primer-system targeting the rep gene of nine IncP-9 subgroups allowed the detection of a high diversity of IncP-9 plasmid specific sequences in environments with different sources of pollution.

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Furthermore, the presence of toxigenic strains and serogroups O1 and O was determined using multiplex PCR with specific primers targeting the cholera toxin gene subunit A, ctxA, and serotype specific primers, O1-rfb and Orfb, respectively. The bacterial diversity was lower in deforested areas as determined by Shannon index using 16S rRNA gene analysis with terminal restriction fragment length polymorphism. Spiggin serves as the best known biomarker for androgens in fish. Scally A Mutation rates and the evolution of germline structure. Another major topic is the molecular biology of mitochondrial genomes of cytoplasmic male sterile cms plants.


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